Writing and Me

My first post in 2014. Wow. I must have forgotten what this blog is made for.

Although I wasn’t blogging all this time, it doesn’t mean I did not write anything. so let’s make the list:

  1. i wrote a proposal for community service. and it became my first accepted proposal ^^,
  2. i got to revise my article in digital storytelling since….. it is accepted to be published as a chapter in a ds book in spain (congrats me :p it will be my first book, and it is international, wow, it is just sooooo great)
  3. i got to write an article for one of my research (with my bff and a colleague), since it will get the fund to be presented in international seminar (*yeaaay a dream come true for 2014.. 2012 to spain, 2013 to thailand, 2014??????)
  4. i got to write a dissertation proposal to apply for my doctorate study ^^,

see.. i got 4 projects and 2 of them are in English.. so I still remember my (effort to) writing..



finally, my first WordPress post.. actually I’m more of a Blogger person, but my BlackBerry only got the app for WordPress, while.. no body knows when the ‘light bulb’ comes on.. soooooo, here I am…