Between Personal Brand, Passion, and a Working Mom

what brought me here is ycpa

 “juri ycpa menyarankan saya untuk memiliki kelebihan personal”

yes, they said i haven’t build my personal brand, i’m a teacher with no spesification, no expertise in a certain topic (teaching what? to whom? where?)

well i’m a teacher, i love teaching,i’m learning for teaching, and i’m teaching to learn

i put my effort to make my teaching works, well i don’t have brand (yet?)

when i think personal communication helps in my teaching, then i’ll be a communicative teacher
when i believe story would present my material better, then i’ll tell a story
when i can only see that being NotNice would help my students think, then i’ll be the devil
when i know that my students need to construct their own knowledge, then i’ll support them to be creative
if i have 40 students in my classroom, then i hope i can support at least 10% of them to be succeed because
of me being supportive (in my own way)

i just thought that one day, my student(s) could be my babyboy’s friends, or colleagues, or neighbour, or teacher, or boss, or anyone nearby him

so i’ll do my best to make sure those guys will do good for the community

“juri ycpa menyarankan saya memperjuangkan passion dalam diri saya”

i have my passion, the same passion i’ve had all this time, 
but since i became a mom – i got an extra one
i am a mom who raise her babyboy mostly all by herself (most of the time, but still need a little help from the family ^^,)
i am learning, still, although not as much as before, because i now have another passion
being with my babyboy as long as i could

for me it is not a limitation, not a distraction, it is my new passion

and, i am proud of it

most women around the place that i live, raise their children but they are not working (or working at home like sewing or having a store)
most women around the place that i work, put the daily care to someone else (family, relatives, daycare)

well i got to arrange my priority..

when i wanted to go to valencia, i got a 2-week discussion with my baby, the discussion wasn’t only for him
but it was also for me to find myself.

he kept asking me, if you love me, why do you have to leave me for 10 days for a conference and a backpacking trip, can you just work (with me) as usual and have fun with me

i said:

i love you
i need to be with you
i will always be with you through my prayers

but like you are you

you free to have your own dreams
and explore the world (when you are old enough to do so)

i am me
i love learning
going to valencia is a big opportunity for me to learn something new

just like you, when you with your friends playing around
would it be nice if mama is also playing with you guys

you have your time

i have mine

well, the arguments were quiet hard, but nice, since he took me to the train station, kissed me goodbye

and he were not crying. ^^


well yes, i love my babyboy so much and since i enjoy learning as my passion

i love learning about being a good mama 


Fashion at Work: Jeans?

As a working-mom, I don’t really pay that much attention to what should I wear to work. I think, the only thing that matters is the comfort ones, since I gotta be ready to run for my baby.

I usually wears Batik Dress for work. 1) Batik cloth is very comfortable for me. 2) Batik is formal (for teaching, for a meeting, for a seminar, etc..)


I’m thinking of JEANS now, sooooo how would I wear JEANS for work???

(1) I’m choosing the dark one. Jeans is sooooo NOT4Work, so if I gotta wear jeans then I’ll take the dark one, not black.

(2) I need a cute top

(3) I prefer a professional look, so I’ll need a blazer or formal cardigan (which I don’t have it right now)

I think a blazer with bright colour will add some personality (but need more confidence ^^)

(4) I need heels. I can go with flats, but I think it is soooo weekend ^^, so I’ll go with heels.

(5) I need Bold accessories, earings or necklace..



Bringing Child to Work

i am a lecturer

i – most of the times – bring my son (5yo) to work, especially when i have to go to the campuss but got no class or meeting

-why do I have to bring my son
of all reasons i could think of, basically, it is because i want to be close with my son

[it is not because he wants this very bad.. or that i spoil him for this matter.. he can do very well to be with relatives at home without me..]

-why do i think i could bring my son

>> my son
i think he is good enough at this. i have been bringing him to work since he was a baby.. he has the skill to communicate with grown ups.. he knows (most of the times) how to behave in the campuss.. he likes the foods in the canteen.. he knows he place so well..

>> my workplace
well, i asked the head of department -of course- and she said it is ok to have my son around.. if i have to teach or work at other places i would asked them first about bringing him

-what’s happened then

things are not always nice, although life is beautiful anyway, some people will always say something bad about this.. they usually relate it to NOT being professional, although in my opinion i have done my best to fulfill what becomes my duty (well, i LOVE my job)

if i may compare to friends who have kids and not bringing them to work, and when it is the time in the afternoon they have to run home for their children so they cannot stay at work or even work over time.. well having my son with me, i usually stay until 4 or 5pm working in the campuss.. my son has his own “bed” under my table where he usually takes nap in the afternoon.. yeah, we are fine.. i am fine.. but life is getting harder and harder..

taking critiques is always hard to deal with especially for me.. even my hubby thinks i got 2 (out of 5) of handling critiques #sigh..

my first reaction is – of course – DEFENSE, hey – I can do very well with my life.. bla bla bla.. then random facts – my friends bla bla bla..

but then.. i gotta externalize the critiques, since it might be TRUE in a very tiny portion..

so, ok, let’s give it a shot..

>>> i will look for a teacher to come to my mom’s house to teach him.. let’s say 2 times a week for 4 hours.. somebody who could babysit him..

>>> since he is gonna be 5 yo soon, i think he could choose some courses like English or Music or whatever he likes..

pfffh, united working moms in the world… wish me luck ^^,


Mommy’s Morning Routines


somebody had just asked me what did I do in the morning..

make up?


I smile.. though I really wanna say it out loud.. >>>

i wake up,

make tristan a bottle of milk,

get the laundry,

dry the second laundry,

wake tristan up,

boil his bathing water while washing his bottles,

make a cup of coffee,

prepare my hubby’s uniform,

cook a set of breakfast for tristan (bolognese vegeroni),

prepare the next laundry,

wake my hubby up,

help tristan’s showering..

and prepare myself in 5minutes

oh yeah, i’m a working-mom, what do they know..

i luv my life.. i luv being busy.. i luv to be me..
it’s going to be always hectic.. but that’s my life..