The Cosmo Quiz

Morning person or night person?
—– night

People might be surprised to learn that I….
—- taught dance and modelling in college

My guilty pleasure:
—- cheesecake

After a job interview, I like to get..
—- a thank you email

Best advice i ever got:
—- seize the day

Personal mantra
—- done is better than perfect, inspired by sheryl sandberg

TV show(s) I’m into right now
—- don’t really watch TV

Dog person or cat person
—- don’t have any, but my parents have a cat

My next vacation will be
—- on the beach

Music that pumps me/mellows me out
—- U2

—- water

A bad habit I want to kick
—- too much playing game

The word i most overuse
—- i want to, but

My typical breakfast
—- coffee ~ driving to work

The best way to make a first impression
—- confident smile

On the weekends, I wear
—- long tshirt

App I can’t live without
—- twitter

My favorite people have these qualities in common
—- honest, direct

Sunday afternoon, i can be found
—- hang out with my son and hubby

I’m happiest when i’m
—- holding my son, after a long tiring day


Perfect Wife

what is perfect wife?
is there any perfect wife?
is it a myth?
is it a dream come true?
can a woman be a perfect wife, an excellent mom, and a great career woman?

i’m feeling a bit blue because i wonder:

do i learn too much to be an excellent mom until i FORGET to learn to be a good wife?

or is it because i think

if i am an excellent mom that would make me directly to be a perfect wife?

and i love working outside the house, i think it’s good for myself to force myself to keep up life, and keep on learning…

ok, think this one is gonna be to be continued ^^