breaking dawn part 1

ayayayay and we’re off to watch breaking dawn part 1.. -truly drama, trust me..

the three of us (hubby&stan) went to lenmarc mall, and decided to watch it at the premiere.. we ordered a cup of tp coffee and of course -salty popcorn..

and the movie… very romantic at first, with the wedding then the honeymoon, then the situation is suddenly changed when bella found out that she got pregnant and she/he would be a hybrid baby (human-vampire)…

and jacob’s been so lovely.. his heart is breaking when bella sent him the wedding invitation but he showed up as edward’s wedding present for her.. he hold bella’s hand when she was in pain (because of the baby)..

so I can understand why bella chose edward over jacob, if she choose edward she could still have both, if she choose jacob.. most probably she would not have both..


Morning Glory

Wow! I cried while I watch this movie.. It’s about choosing between getting the dream job or making ur job amazing.. Also about being a little fish in a big pond or being a big fish in a little pond… And becky’s characters are a lot like mine.. Laugh hard.. Work hard.. Clumsy.. Expressive.. But I’m afraid I’m not as strong as she is.. And that the profession of news producer is such inspiring but very busy job… Hmm… The whole movie is about becky’s job, from jersey to york, a bit romantic scene to light up becky’s life… Nice movie! I luv it!


Little Fockers

I watched Little Fockers few days ago. In my opinion, the movie is ok, a bit ridiculous in some scenes, but mostly fine. Then I got very surprised when I tried to read the reviews. It got terrible scores, like 9% (from 100%) in Rotten Tomatoes, or 1,5* (from 5*) in other site. Wow, I didn’t realize that the movie is that bad. It is a bad movie (according to the sites) mostly because: 1) the names are crazy.. focker, gay-lord, andi garcia.. 2) the castings are amazing names but the story is not serious at all… 3) bad story… Hmm… Well, to me, it is still a nice one to watch in relaxing time…