Mommy’s Morning Routines


somebody had just asked me what did I do in the morning..

make up?


I smile.. though I really wanna say it out loud.. >>>

i wake up,

make tristan a bottle of milk,

get the laundry,

dry the second laundry,

wake tristan up,

boil his bathing water while washing his bottles,

make a cup of coffee,

prepare my hubby’s uniform,

cook a set of breakfast for tristan (bolognese vegeroni),

prepare the next laundry,

wake my hubby up,

help tristan’s showering..

and prepare myself in 5minutes

oh yeah, i’m a working-mom, what do they know..

i luv my life.. i luv being busy.. i luv to be me..
it’s going to be always hectic.. but that’s my life..


drive wisely drive safely



been driving a car since i was in midschool, i thought my mid name is driving – for the past 15 years

this morning, i saw two accidents on my way to the campus.. really close to my eyes.. and suddenly, i feel terrible.. what if it is me.. awwww….

promise myself to drive safely from now on..




The Lost Camera

I lost a camera hiks…

Friday.. I gotta go to the campus, so I left my camera at the school

Saturday.. I didn’t go to the school

Monday.. I didn’t go to the school, Deta n Veve said they saw the camera on the desk

Wednesday.. I came to the school, I didn’t see any camera, I thought somebody must have kept the camera for me

Friday.. Nobody knows where my camera is 😦

Yes, I’m sad because of the camera, but loosing it at the school is what most annoying me..

It’s a preschool for God sake!

D***! It should be honesty there.. It should be the safest place in the whole planet..

But I’m truly sad for the memory..

I got Pipiya’s pics the last time I saw her, at the airport, saying goodbye when I went to Sydney.. sometimes whenever I miss her, I look at the picture and it could bring me back to the airport and make me feel her kisses on my lips.. 😦

Khalila’s farewell party pictures were also there.. Aarrrgggghhh

Oh God, why? I wonder why me..


unLucky or lucky?


Dia yang terdiam di pojok kampus, matanya menerawang, sampai satu persatu mahasiswa lain perlahan beranjak pulang..

“Dia baru kehilangan motornya, mam” kata temannya..


“Aku sudah ga percaya lagi! Setiap ada kesempatan, dia selalu selingkuh, entah telpon, entah ke hotel, entah kemana.. Aku ga bisa menghilangkan rasa takutku ini..”


dan aku hanya bisa menyediakan kedua telingaku untuk orang-orang yang mendadak curcol di siang bolong


Urrrrrgh, just when I started to feel that I am being unlucky and at the moment being in the most miserable moment in my life since I gotta pay quite a big amount to the owner of the car I hit several days ago..

God shows me that I am still LUCKY compared to others..

When I think I am drowned into fear, God show me what is fear!

«Kami tidak meminta rezki kepadamu, Kamilah yang memberi rezki kepadamu (20:132)»

These words came up when I just ‘lost’ my money and I thought,

HEY wake up!

you are LUCKY!

So all I have to do is saying THANK GOD


Morning Glory

Wow! I cried while I watch this movie.. It’s about choosing between getting the dream job or making ur job amazing.. Also about being a little fish in a big pond or being a big fish in a little pond… And becky’s characters are a lot like mine.. Laugh hard.. Work hard.. Clumsy.. Expressive.. But I’m afraid I’m not as strong as she is.. And that the profession of news producer is such inspiring but very busy job… Hmm… The whole movie is about becky’s job, from jersey to york, a bit romantic scene to light up becky’s life… Nice movie! I luv it!