Quizz about True Age

in a bunch of endless works and papers at the end of the year, i spent my time doing online quizzes here… one of them is about AGE, and it turned out that my actual age is….


You are very wise. (who…? me? šŸ˜‰ )
You’ve already went through an incredible amount of joy and sorrow. There is nothing that can shock you very easily. (aha! might be true)
You like to let others have a share in your knowledge and give them good pieces of advice. (yes, to my students and friends)
You love to tell stories (YES!) and to let others have a share in your life. (yes yes)
You like to be in the nature and take strolls. (cool, yupe!)
Your family and friends will find you somewhat cranky, but love your peaceful and friendly manner. (hahahaha! yes.. cranky = tukang ngomel/gampang marah)
You’re not making big plans for the future, but live in the here and now. (yeah, i really enjoy life)
You do not have a particular interest toward new media and technology. (well, not that much, but i’m into it)
Therefore you are technically gifted and are creating things the DIY way. (i hope)

MC berBahasa Inggris

didapuk NgemSi alias jadi MC?

hmm, Ngemsi mah sudah biasa..

NgemSi formal berBahasa Inggris? wah ini yang luar biasa… soalnya belum pernah — seingat sy sih–

njur piye? mau ditolak.. lah kok emaaaan, seminar internasional looo, untuk sy yg gila pengalaman, maka ini kan pucuk dicinta ulam tiba, kesempatan belajar kan asik..

alhasil nekat deh diterima..

toh MC kan (((sambil lalu))) maksudnya audio dan tidak diputar berulang-ulang, maka kesalahan (ringan) juga ngga akan nempel di ingatan.. bisik sy membujuk hati..

eh kecuali kesalahannya FATAL kayak cerita ini…

suatu ketika ada pembicara bernama Bpk. Joko Pekik, nah, tampaknya sang MC sebelumnya memasukkan seluruh teks pada google translate, dan MC hanya membaca hasil terjemahan begitu saja, nah, sampailah pada ketika dia membaca nama beliau menjadi: Mr. Joko Shout!

wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk ancuuuuuuuuuuur…. legendaris kan MCnya? wkwkwk

nah, kemudian soal jadwal, untungnya jadwalnya pagi jam 8, jadi paginya masih bisa antar my LittleExplorer, dan ke Hotel – yang untungnya dekat sama sekolah, jadi menghemat waktu dan tetap bisa bersama ^^

berikut contekan transkripnya



We would like to invite all participantsĀ of the ……Ā to entrance the ballroom and please take your seat.

We would like to inform that this room is prepared for no smoking area.

We would kindly advice for all delegates and participants in this seminar to switch the mobile phone into silent mode in order to avoid any interruption during the conference



Good Morning, Distinguished guests ladies and gentlemen

Welcome to the International Conference ……..

held by …..


Honorable ….. (para undangan)

Honorable ….. (para keynote speakers)

and all distinguished participants…

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

((tentang seminar)) First of all, letā€™s praise the almighty God for his blessings we are able to attend this International Seminar of ….Ā  from … until …

Opening Ceremony

((menyanyikan lagu Indonesia Raya))

Let’s sing our/the National Anthem, ladies and gentlemen, please stand up


please have a seat

Ladies and gentlemen, to begin the opening ceremony today, here is the report from the chief of the organizing committee, ….., time is yours.

Tari Remo

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tari Remo is the official welcoming dance from East Java.

Tari Remo, or Remo Dancing will be presented by …, students from …. .Ā Ā Tari Remo represents the dynamic character of East Javanese. It shows theĀ struggleĀ of a prince on a battlefield.

Masuk acara

All blessed participants,

the last agenda forĀ the opening ceremony this morning, letā€™s say a prayer lead by……

Time is yours.


syukurlah sukses ^^

(((menurut sayah))) semoga bermanfaat yaa


Perfect Wife

what is perfect wife?
is there any perfect wife?
is it a myth?
is it a dream come true?
can a woman be a perfect wife, an excellent mom, and a great career woman?

i’m feeling a bit blue because i wonder:

do i learn too much to be an excellent mom until i FORGET to learn to be a good wife?

or is it because i think

if i am an excellent mom that would make me directly to be a perfect wife?

and i love working outside the house, i think it’s good for myself to force myself to keep up life, and keep on learning…

ok, think this one is gonna be to be continued ^^


Mommy’s Morning Routines


somebody had just asked me what did I do in the morning..

make up?


I smile.. though I really wanna say it out loud.. >>>

i wake up,

make tristan a bottle of milk,

get the laundry,

dry the second laundry,

wakeĀ tristan up,

boil his bathing water while washing his bottles,

make a cup of coffee,

prepare my hubby’s uniform,

cook a set of breakfast for tristan (bolognese vegeroni),

prepare the next laundry,

wake my hubby up,

help tristan’s showering..

and prepare myself in 5minutes

oh yeah, i’m a working-mom, what do they know..

i luv my life.. i luv being busy.. i luv to be me..
it’s going to be always hectic.. but that’s my life..


My English

Oh la la.. I got 580 for my toefl.. Listening Ā» under 60. Structure Ā» under 60. Reading Ā» 63. Hey what’s wrong with my structure? Used to get over 60 for my structure šŸ˜¦ now structure is the worse case.

Yes, lately I promise myself that I gotta blog everyday, and now it is trackable that all thru march I only blog 11times, even less than once-very-two-day, and this april I’ve been 11days late, sooooo, gotta blog everyday to catch up..

Why is my reading score good? Hmm, since lately I gotta read some articles to support my dissertation proposal so it’s good enough for the effect..

Hmm, movies?

Ok today I’m above 100 words now… Time to go…