I am M

one who  teaches  to travel &  travels  to learn

loves  watching movies

googles  perpetually

laughs  hard

dreams big

drinks  coffee

dances  for fun

plays  (lots of) games

and  reads  whenever possible

an Indonesian :: a proud mom to a 13 y.o. little explorer named Stan :: a wife to a lovable best-friend :: a teacher :: a phd candidate in  #educational technology   #earlychildhoodeducation – currently living in Indonesia

and might be – a friend to you..

find me twitting ^^ @maureenmoz

menulis tentang hidup sehari-hari, parenting, kuliah & beasiswa, dan traveling – kadang berpuisi kalau sedang sedih ^^

19 thoughts on “I am M

  1. Hai Maureen, salam kenal ya. Waahh kita berarti tinggalnya satu negara nih 🙂 kereennn sekarang PhD. Mudah2an suatu saat aku bisa mengikuti jejakmu lanjut PhD ^^

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