Jakarta Shopping Time

ok.. I might put it this way:  One-Day-Crazy Shopping Time in Jakarta.

(It could have been one day, actually, but I did it in 2 different days. but I put my OneDay idea here)


——–1st Stop——–

5am >>> Thamrin City Mall

a mall?

does a mall open early in the morning? the answer is YES.

does this mall provide cheap clothing? the answer is also YES.

Thamrin City is located in the center of Jakarta, nearby Plaza Indonesia. After Subuh, the 1st and 5th floor are already open. They sell clothes and hijabs in remarkably cheap price. Of course, in the “market” we have to buy in a series (in three or four or more). Here, only my mom and my bro were exploring the place, i was too sleepy so I slept in the car ^,^

——–2nd stop——–

11am >>> Metro Tanah Abang

well, everybody know the Pasar Tanah Abang 🙂 from Thamrin City Mall it was just 5 minutes driving.. it is the famous shopping place in Jakarta. We parked our car in MTA then explore the MTA + PTA blok A and B. I could hardly find ant BTN ATM so I guess I was lucky not having much money in my pocket ^,^ imagine this… a set of girl cotton pajamas costs less than 30.000IDR. awwwwww…. i bought 3 pair of cargo pants for Tristan, good material, nice look, for 300.000IDR and also 3 t-shirts for 100.000IDR (previously I bought 1 for 60.000IDR in Surabaya).

——–3rd stop——–

we were finished at MTA at 3pm, but it was full, so it took an hour just to get the car out of the MTA 😦 and because of the traffic jam, it took nearly 2 hours to get to the next stop, BLOK M.

pffffh, Jakarta!

so, we arrived at Blok M. there are Pasaraya (the expensive – branded stuffs), Blok M Mal (the old stores), Blok M Square (the new stores), and Blok M Plaza (a usual mal). we went to Blok M Square.

Blok M Square is nicer place compared to the previous stops, of course, more expensive too. However, at the 3rd floor, I found this boutique that sells nice coats and skirts, 250.000IDR for 3.

and that’s all for the day.


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