Road Trip Surabaya – Jakarta

I haven’t been writing a lot, I think it was because I had (way) too much thinking of what others might think of (about me).. so I started to try to write about whatever comes to my mind..

this July, I had this crazy idea of going to Jakarta on a road trip. I need to go to Jakarta to meet a good friend, but I could hardly get the (normal) ticket price to go there, yeah.. it was the month of Ramadhan – when usually people will travel to their hometown OR go for a vacation, therefore the train ticket was sold out and the flight ticket was doubled (or tripled?) especially the ones to (or from) Jakarta and Denpasar Bali.

There were four of us, my brother – my mom – my dearest son – and I, departed at 13.30 from Surabaya. My bro drove first, he’s good driving at daylight, *racing mode :p We rode blackie, black Xenia 2014. My bro’s the driver, i was co-piloting, my mom sat in the middle, and my son slept at the back. He slept a lot, he was awake only when we’re stopping.

Surabaya – Gresik – Babat – Lamongan – Tuban – Lasem – Rembang – Pati – Kudus – Demak

after 5hours driving (Surabaya-Demak), we stopped at Masjid Agung Demak for 1,5 hours for Maghrib and Isya (and tarawih, 6.30-8pm). I met a woman who sells chicken satay outside Masjid Agung, #oot she suggested that I should have another child 😉 well, Tristan ate 13 satay ^,^.

off Demak, I was the one driving, approaching Semarang, we had to buy gas, it was the second 200,000 premium in this journey. well blackie… you seem thirsty ^,^

On jalan Tentara Pelajar, Kendal, an hour driving from Demak, we found a nice small restaurant. It happened that the restaurant was cheap and delicious – rare combination. Tristan ate a portion of rice and Sop Buntut (yes, after the 13 satay…). We stopped for an hour.

at 10pm we’re off Kendal

Kendal – Pekalongan -Tegal (I planned to stop at the famous gas station with hundreds toilets but I think I missed the place) – Brebes (another 200.000 premium, after Brebes, we got in the (endless) Toll Roads ^,^ 

at 3am, my mom asked me to stop driving. I’ve been driving 5 straight hours (Kendal – Cipali) and in the toll road, it was so boring.. Long – Straight – Empty – Dark road.. my bro took over and looked for a place for Sahur in the new Toll road ( Tol CIPALI Cikopo Palimanan ).

We chose Sundanese Restaurant in the rest area nearest to Jakarta. Lucky, it was ok. It tasted fine and the price was “normal”.

after 1 hour driving, we arrived at destination, right on Subuh time.

775km. Premium Rp 500.000. 3 break times.

(((( -____-” sepertinya blackie boros juge yeeee.. ))))

Tips Road Trip bersama anak:

  • letakkan semua tas di tempat kaki hingga sejajar dengan tempat duduk, ratakan dengan selimut atau bed cover,
  • bawa beberapa bantal hingga posisi kepala terlindung dan nyaman.
  • tralala… jadilah kamar tidur mungil untuk anak.
  • jangan lupa membawa beberapa mainan boneka atau mobil2an agar dia tidak bosan, permainan elektronik akan membuatnya pusing.
  • usahakan sampai di tujuan di pagi hari, agar dia tidak merasakan lamanya perjalanan.

Jakarta, here we come..


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