Why I (still) don’t write that much

Ok. I know I promise to write so many things, but I always have lots of excuse πŸ˜‰ and good ones..

after becoming the PIC (eh ada loh yg nanya, PIC itu apa, person in charge, semacam ketupel gitu deh, ketupel apa ya, ketua pelaksana -ok ya..) ah ok, long explanation, let’s start again..

after becoming the pic for edcamp indonesia on APRIL then went to Jakarta to attend the launching of edtechindo,

i was assigned as a chairman of national seminar on educational technology on MAY (it’s amazing!)

while at the same time, have to carry out the gov-funded research, dissertation proposal, and the students’ theses… And teaching..

i’ve been thru a lot of wonderful and awful events, have so many interesting topics to be written, but i felt too tired to write it down.. My bad..

so here I am.. Joining an upgrading program for teachers for 3 weeks in Prigen (a small town, around 60km from Surabaya) .. Staying in a nice hotel with abundance bandwith..

once again, i promised my self to write, and write, and write.. πŸ™‚


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