Pursuing PhD, the biggest dream

Wish Vs Reality

Wish: When I browse around, I find a PhD vacancy that match my profession and career, and the requirements are just that easy to be fulfilled.


Reality: The PhD vacancy in EduTech is somewhat “rare” (compared to let’s say… nano technology…) so IF I only wait for the postings from research centers then I will have to wait another thousand years.

Therefore I’ve got to do the steps forward.

I applied for Talent Scouting Program (by DIKTI – the National Ministry of Higher Education in Indonesia)  in 2014 and I got the opportunity to join as one of the DIKTI Scholar (to apply for Postgraduate studies in 2015-2016). Then I applied for the second category, where I should choose 4 Universities.

Choosing 4 universities that offer PhD in Educational Technology is also a bit complicated. Not many universities directly stated that they offer PhD in Educational Technology or Instructional Technology like the Open University in UK (Yes, United Kingdom >.< ).

Most universities are offering PhD in Education with research focus as stated in each professor’ page or the research centers.

so I’m thinking of New Zealand.

(((( NEW ZEALAND ))))

Among the education-minister websites of countries which I have browsed, so far I only find that NZ is the only country that put the digital storytelling officially in their early education website. This is interesting and it matches with the focus of my research proposal.

There are 7 Universities listed by DIKTI. There’s only ONE out of those seven unis that has a center in EduTech (the Victoria University of Wellington). The other universities are: Uni. of Auckland, Auckland Uni of Technology, Massey Uni, Carterburry Uni., Uni of Waikato, and Lincoln Uni. of Canterburry. Actually, the Otago Uni. has a center for learning technologies, but unfortunately, DIKTI has no cooperation with them.


I contacted some of the teachers. I also got an opportunity to talk to the Graduate School Coordinator and discuss about my application. She said the two things that could help me are the fact that I was graduated from UTwente, which they recognized as a good worldclass university, and I have an article published internationally. hmmm.

Yuhuuuu, NZ.



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