Quizz about True Age

in a bunch of endless works and papers at the end of the year, i spent my time doing online quizzes here… one of them is about AGE, and it turned out that my actual age is….


You are very wise. (who…? me? 😉 )
You’ve already went through an incredible amount of joy and sorrow. There is nothing that can shock you very easily. (aha! might be true)
You like to let others have a share in your knowledge and give them good pieces of advice. (yes, to my students and friends)
You love to tell stories (YES!) and to let others have a share in your life. (yes yes)
You like to be in the nature and take strolls. (cool, yupe!)
Your family and friends will find you somewhat cranky, but love your peaceful and friendly manner. (hahahaha! yes.. cranky = tukang ngomel/gampang marah)
You’re not making big plans for the future, but live in the here and now. (yeah, i really enjoy life)
You do not have a particular interest toward new media and technology. (well, not that much, but i’m into it)
Therefore you are technically gifted and are creating things the DIY way. (i hope)

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