Korea Project

Ok, this “holiday” (actually there is no holiday for us, the lecturers, we only have 25/12 + 31/12 + 1/1 as our day-off) I promise myself I must write something about “The Lost S(e)oul” ~ my Trip to Korea ^,^ otherwise it will be left behind like the Spain Trip (2012) and the Thai Trip (2013) especially on these days, I’ve got to deal with 2 very important moments, Tristan’s being seriously ill and Dikti’s Talent Scouting (as a part of pursuing my PhD journey) so I need a good distraction (not to be a-panic-mom or a-stressed-phd-candidate)

Korea, Korea… Why Korea?

~ I’m not a big fan of K-Pop or Korean Drama, I knew nothing about the country either..

( #pernyataanpenting #seluruhduniaharustahu #bukananakmuda wkwkwkwk maksud saya, rasanya tak lama sebelum saat ini, Korea ya hanya satu negara Asia begitu saja, namun dalam waktu singkat kok hebat banget bisa muncul dan bikin “Korea Fever” dimana-mana…)

Jadi, karena satu penelitian saya dan 2 kolega terbaik saya diterima negara… eh kok bahasa Indonesia… *switching…

so, this year, my colleagues (best buddies) and I are working on a research about higher order thinking skills and our proposal was accepted to be funded by our beloved country and one of the activity is presenting it in a seminar, and since the fund is quite big then we decided to bring it to an international seminar…

when I browsed around, there were several international education conferences around Asia (why Asia? cause we don’t think we could afford another Euro Trip (the November-December 2014 flight rate is above 15,000,000IDR or 1250USD).. and we found one int’l conference in Korea that was specifically about Educational Technology since it was held by the Korean Society of Educational Technology… therefore it was perfect, right?

then I was like “All for Korea” alias “Demam Korea” for 2months hahaha noooooo, not about the K-Pop and the K-drama, but the country, the weather, the stays, the tourism, and the history, and I found that they are so serious in putting the country into the top priority of being an international tourist destination and they have such a good website and a lot of useful apps to support that. I have also learned that it is really easy to plan our itinerary to Korea, since they are so accessible in the internet world.

[Jadi buat yang Demam Korea, penting banget niy untuk mengunjungi website KTO tersebut sebelum berangkat menjelajah keliling Korea, download sekalian APPs-nya, apalagi ada juga kupon2 diskonnya ^,^v lumayan binggo lo… App & Website yang penting misalnya Metro Schedule, trus AirBnb, Weather Forecast, sama Web Kereta api.. cari aja di Google Play Store)

A story about my 2014 trip to Korea

A Story about My 2014 Trip to Korea

ini fotonya memang “horror version“, tapi bukan berarti cerita perjalanan nanti adalah cerita perburuan hantu, wkwkwkwk… sempat kepikir aja untuk membuat foto ini kalau dapat kesempatan pas jalanan subway lagi sepi… eh keturutan… lucky me *sigh tapi kelupaan kresek belanjaan H&M ikutan nampang… masa iya hantu bawa belanjaan H&M? hahahahaha…


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