Mom’s Guilty Feeling Vs. Kid’s Illness

My plan to write #TheLostS(e)oul – the story of my trip to Korea last week had gone right away as soon as I know my son had been in such a terrible condition.

(bukannya perjalanan seminggu ke Korea itu ngga keren abis, perjalanan ke Korea Selatan kemaren dahsyat binggo, draft tentang pengurusan visa yang mendebarkan sampai catatan perjalanan ala backpacker alias nggembel alias murah meriah pun sudah menumpuk di hape sebenarnya).

It reminds me to the last time i had to go on a trip (the far ones) was to Bontang, Kalimantan Island, twice within 2 weeks, and when I was done with the trips, Tristan was having such a terrible stomachache – that needed to be examined thoroughly but turned out to be nothing serious though, thank God.

so how would i not have the guilty feeling?

the united mommies in the world would easily put their fingers on me. i am the mom. i leave my son at home. i go on a trip. for my advantage. if anything happens to him, then it is my fault.

*cry*  —- i easily cry when it comes to my baby —-

so how would i survive?

understanding where I stand.

i am a mom of a son. he always be my number one priority and my number one best friend in the world. daily, we spent most of our times together. but i am a human mommy. i do need to have my me time in what i do (at work) and in what i am (at vacation).

he has his dad. 2 grandmas. uncles and aunties. cousins.

everybody loves him as much as i do. everybody cares about him. so if i wasn’t there for him, i know many others do.

and if there’s something happens to him while i’m gone, it is not mommy’s fault. it means to be happened. it could happen too when mommy is around. mommy could not fight all the germs, bacteria, and viruses, right?


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