Chaos Learning: MOOC Vs ISO 9001:2008

I challenged myself to sign up to 2 (TWO!) MOOCs, last month. Yes, I was so over-estimated my time-management and cognitive skills. Ah, I’m being so nasty. I thought I would get them easy because of the topics, digital storytelling and flipped classroom.

1) Digital storytelling is so ME, so I thought it would be such a piece of cake. 2) Flipped classroom is the method I wanted to learn this year, in order to be able to apply it in my classroom next semester. Then I failed… BOTH. Aaaargh, I messed up my first MOOCs.

How could that be?
I cannot blame the learning designs of the MOOCs. Both MOOCs have very well designed instructions. I knew it because I’m an expert in Instructional Designer, hahahaha, no, I’m kidding… The theory says so. The learning designs have already accommodated various learning styles:

• Visual learners (tend to learn by looking, seeing, viewing, and watching) – although most of the times the internet connection caused the distractions while I watched the videos
• Auditory learners (to learn by listening, hearing, and speaking)
• Kinesthetic learners (tend to learn by experiencing, moving, and doing)

The MOOCs have also considered the Andragogy, adult learning theory.

Malcolm S. Knowles (1996), a well-known expert on adult learning, has made the following assumptions regarding adult learners (and what I am thinking about it)
1) REASON to LEARN. Adults want to know why they should learn. (and I know why I have to learn these topics)
2) RESPONSIBILITY. Adults need to take responsibility. (well, the MOOCs gave several tasks to be done individually)
3) EXPERIENCE to LEARNING. Adults bring experience to learning. (all tasks are real)
4) NEED-driven. Adults are ready to learn when the need arises. (I need to know the topics *desperate)
5) TASK-ORIENTED. Adults are task oriented. (well, they are MOOCs…)

The introduction in each MOOC has explained deeply about those specified in the theory. The tasks and the materials are very systematic and comprehensive. Therefore, it should be my faults -___-“

So next time I take any other MOOC I will take only ONE at a time and I must make 2-3hrs weekly schedule to only study for the MOOC.

ISO 9001:2008 & Me

While I took the 2 MOOCs, I was also assigned as the quality assurance chief in my office to prepare my department for getting the ISO 9001:2008 from TUV Nord Indonesia.

—well, I understand I cannot blame the ISO for my failure in taking the 2 MOOCs —

I don’t need to work that hard since the secretary of the department and the 2 new lecturers had been doing a great job ^,^v but I have to learn a lot!
and I also got such a great and lovely ISO consultant, my Bi, hehehe..

he started asking me about the reason why my department, as one of the state university, need to get the certificate.. this is very important since, most of the lecturers still felt objected in having the responsibility to prepare the audit process (including me, in the beginning). We are lecturers. Teachers. We prepare our teaching, we teach, and we evaluate our students, finish. Will better format of documents for teaching will make the students learn better? might be. might be not. so why now the load for the teachers have to be so “administrative”??? well, at least we try to make it better, and taking notes and well-planned will definitely make it better.

then he underlined that each of us must know our job descriptions and regulation (the auditor, ibu Anita, asked them in the very first time, fiuh… and we had our answer ready!)

Briefly, we did such a good job, and our department was recommended to get the ISO 9001:2008. *yeaaaay

ISO for Mommies

This ISO stuffs got me thinking that as a MOM, there should be a kind of ISO too, hehehe… what should me as a mom do for my son.. well of course the quality procedure would be different for each mom and each kid…

However, the goal must be a bit similar..

the vision, as for me, I want to assist MyLitl Explorer to be INDEPENDENT IN LEARNING.

the mission, to provide him the opportunities to experience different learning and using all the senses to learn…


Well, I don’t know what kind of world he would get in when he grows up, I don’t know what kind of information he would need, so I think I’d better give him various learning contexts and support him to learn how to learn, so he would have many “rooms” for learning later on.

MOM’s MUST DO: make a list of missions and objectives

oh i’m so ISOnic ….


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