IELTS ~ the result

I took the IELTS for the first time, here is the story

Sooooooo, i finally got my result, the ielts result..

And i got just what i have predicted… Great at listening > 8,5! So-so at reading and speaking > 7! But low at writing….. Arrrrrrrrrgh….. I should have prepared physically, knowing that my right hand is not always in a fit condition for writing…

For the overall band, it is 7.well it is enough for some countries but i also read that some university require no band less than 6,5….

I hope this result could take me somewhere new…

I just listed that in 2012 I went to > Spain (Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona) and Indonesia (Denpasar, Jakarta (2x), Bontang – East Borneo (2x))

How about 2013?

yaaaah, musti sadar diri deh… 2 minggu persiapan itu masih kurang lo mbakyuuuu… koyok pinter2o, prasane sulapan tah… hiks *nangis gegerungan

lagian nilai yg sy dapatkan sudah sesuai dengan persiapan toooo.. belajar dan latihan nomor satu adalah LISTENING.. ya udah dong.. terima aja listening bisa dapat 8,5 whoaaaaa…. bisa ya bagus gituh, wkwkwkwkwk


dulu beberapa kali latihan perkiraan listening sy adalah 7 sampai 7,5.. 2 minggu latihan bisa naik 0,5..

untuk menaikkan 0,5 (sy) butuh 1 minggu latihan tiap hari sekitar 20-30menit


Listening: krn kemampuan sy dasarnya 7,5, maka paling tidak sy butuh 1 minggu latihan

Speaking: sudah 7 yaaaa 1 minggu cukup lah

Reading: sudah 7 juga, artinya 1 minggu juga

Writing: hiks… butuh 2-3 minggu nih…



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