IELTS ~ the test!

on 11th may, i took the academic ielts ~ the international english language testing system, yes, ielts has 2 variants, academic & general, at ialf surabaya, it’s been such a long time since i had the thought (and save the money) for taking it…

this year, actually i have already taken the ITP ~ institutional toefl practice (cost me 30$, compare to > ielts 195$) and i’ve got 600 but, i really want to know my score in ielts, and it was gonna be my first time..

toefl vs ielts, different?

ielts tests 4 (FOUR) skills:

first >>>>

the 30min listening skills (where I have to write the answers… yes, write down, not tick or blacken the small circles like the way I do at toefl) and  the speakers, unlike toefl, use different accent ~ sometimes British or American or Aussie 😦 so i was kinda confident with the american accent, but i was worried when it comes to addresses + british/aussie accent.. there were 4 sections..  1) conversation, 2) monologue set, 3) conversation of 3 people, then 4) monologue on academic

second >>>>

the 60min reading test, hmmm, the 3 sections were more or less the same with toefl.. the vocabulary wasn’t that hard, however, the questions about the main ideas were tricky, i gotta read few times and changed my answer at the end of the test

third >>>>>

60min writing test, ouch! i love writing, as long as i can type it down, so when I have to write down  T.T hiks, my handwriting got worse and worse… i had 2 tasks, one was explaining a graph about transportation taken in a country within 20 years.. and the second was about the quality of life in large cities… in my opinion, the topic was difficult enough to explain in Bahasa Indonesia, so it’s not about the English -______-”

fourth >>>>

15min speaking test, but i gotta wait like four and a half hours >.< ouch! i was soooo sleepy and i thought i might have slept for a while in the ialf library, i hope i didn’t snore, hahaha… andrew, the guy who interviewed me, started with introduction and some chitchat about the houseworks, then the task card said that i had to tell a story of the most interesting speech i’ve ever heard, GOSH, i didn’t remember any speech, but in a second i remembered my teacher in sydney, ann, she’s the most passionate-in-teaching teacher i’ve ever met, so i told about her and her saying.. then the last session we discussed about presentation ~ is it talent or teachable..

well, thinking hard and the aircon made me hungry sooooo bad ^,^ lucky i had the chance to eat satay in front of ialf 😉

i’m gonna have the result soon, i hope it takes me somewhere new..

i did not take any ielts preparation course 😦 i mean, formal one.. BUT… I DID download and practice all by myself through several “free IELTS practice / exercise” like:

ielts dot org

ielts buddy

british council

ielts essential

ielts exam

TIPS Persiapan IELTS ala #maureenmoz 

Sy fokus ke listening, dan writing – kalau sempat..

untuk listening, menurut sy, kalau kemampuan listening sy meningkat maka kemampuan speaking sy otomatis juga akan meningkat.. sy latihan listening 1-2x tiap pagi hari dan malam hari, selama 2 minggu tanpa jeda..

untuk writing, yaaaa agak super malas sih… harapan sy untuk meningkatkan kemampuan writing sy harus membaca contoh2 hasil writing orang lain, berarti kemampuan baca sy juga akan meningkat..

untuk reading dan speaking, sy hanya latihan seminggu sekali, dodol kan…


update: hasilnya? baca disini yaa






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