saat harus memilih

tristan got toothache!

awwww, i could blame myself hard for my son’s toothache *cry yeeees… i often blame myself when something bad happened to tristan… that’s the first thing i do… wondering where did i go wrong… well, i’m the only adult nearby, what can i say.. he’s suffering thru the night… and definitely my heart was also >.<

and just to make it more complicated, i got appointments for several thesis defense sessions, and it was saturday – when usually no private dental clinic is opened, ouch..

#workingmomproblem #masalahibubekerja

choosing one only?

no, I couldn’t.. not because I’m greedy but yes, my son is always my number one priority, but i also responsible for the defenses for somebody else’s son/daughter..

at the moment, i browsed around to find any dentist that opens on Saturday…i found some dentist for kids (pedodontist) but the schedule is saturday morning….

note (in Bahasa Indonesia) gimana sih ya, website rumah sakit banyak yg ga update ato ga jelas jadwal dokternya, rs. dr.soetomo >>> ga lengkap, graha amerta >>> belum lengkap – masih kosong malah, rs. mitra keluarga >>> hayyaaaa cuman nemu beberapa jadwal, yang lengkap dan update adalah website rs siti hajar sidoarjo dan rs islam surabaya arrrrgh

so, i decided to delay the defenses for an hour, while i’m doing all i could to reduce the pain, from outside like trying the mouth wash etc, and pain killer… then as soon as the pain temporarily gone, i asked him to eat and then take the immune booster… then he would take some good rest while I go to the campus…

so help me God…

bersyukur sy bekerja di bidang pendidikan, tidak semua memang – namun tetap selalu ada teman dosen dan mahasiswa yang mau memahami posisi saya mengutamakan anak saat harus memilih seperti ini… bukan mementingkan satu dan menelantarkan yang lain loh ya, namun menunda sementara saja – I’ll be back gitu mah…



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