Being Happy Mom is Simple

What would make my day is seeing my baby ok with me working on my laptop ._.

I’m working on some papers today. FOUR if I may count aloud. Of course my babyboy started to grumble asking me to pay attention to him bla bla bla.

Then I realized, if I keep on working (and ignore him), then nothing’s gonna be ever done (and my baby’s gonna be very very sad 😦 or upset )

so I gotta put my laptop aside

and we started a serious chat,

we were planning our ❤️💕Great Friday ^^, *yippie*

he said first he wants to go playing at the cartoon kingdom for two hours,

then i helped him thinking what would he need to have a wonderful and joyful 2hr-playing >>> a good nap, a good meal, a quiet time, a pair of socks, and let mama works for a document ^^v and he could colouring his reward (he chose lollypop) afterward


for the FOUR hours (in the morning)

– i was working the four docs (like always, i couldn’t help it, i always do the papers at the same time, urrrgh)

– i prepared our meals (IndoMie Goreng for breakfast, Nila Fish – Fried for Lunch1 -before nap, Chicken Soup with chicken wing+chicken sausages+egg for Lunch2 -after nap)

– and i played with my baby around once in a while

WOW i loved it – though it made me sooooo tired, then the nap time is 2 hr for my baby, and 30minutes for me

then after the latelunch, we went to the cartoon kingdom *yay* had a lot of fun (while I worked – of course), dinner at hoka-hoka bento, bought 2 lollypops, and went home happily (we’re singing aloud on our way home)

and my docs >>> 100%, 70%, 50%, 50% WOW I just did it, didn’t I? *proud*

chasing my work, getting my work done would never succeed if it is not balance between working and motherhood.. # I gotta remember that

being Happy is simply makes my baby Happy to make me Happy


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