Fashion at Work: Jeans?

As a working-mom, I don’t really pay that much attention to what should I wear to work. I think, the only thing that matters is the comfort ones, since I gotta be ready to run for my baby.

I usually wears Batik Dress for work. 1) Batik cloth is very comfortable for me. 2) Batik is formal (for teaching, for a meeting, for a seminar, etc..)


I’m thinking of JEANS now, sooooo how would I wear JEANS for work???

(1) I’m choosing the dark one. Jeans is sooooo NOT4Work, so if I gotta wear jeans then I’ll take the dark one, not black.

(2) I need a cute top

(3) I prefer a professional look, so I’ll need a blazer or formal cardigan (which I don’t have it right now)

I think a blazer with bright colour will add some personality (but need more confidence ^^)

(4) I need heels. I can go with flats, but I think it is soooo weekend ^^, so I’ll go with heels.

(5) I need Bold accessories, earings or necklace..



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