Mom’s Time: Flexible or Super Flexible?

I thought, a mom should be super flexible, especially a working mom with a baby

~ beginning..

my baby was several months old at that time..

i was about to teach at 7am.. i breastfed my baby at 6am, i planned to finish at 6.15am then prepare him and my stuffs.. he finished at 6.30am, so then we just went to the campus, at 6.50am right before i was about to enter the class, he threw up the milk, on me, then cried hard.. so i canceled my class, delayed it into 1pm..

my hubby and I planned to go to a nice cafe for a nice family dinner out.. when we were about to go, my baby was about to poo.. but it was a bit difficult for him, so we waited for hours and it was late already.. so we canceled the dinner…

~ then..

i think, since my baby is my top priority, then i gotta be super flexible.. well, i’m a flexible woman, so i had no difficulties in being super flexible.. but it was kinda hard for my hubby since he is such perfectionist dad..

~ now…

now my baby is 5 years old.. so I think he needs to learn about schedule..

~ what i do

together we are designing our schedule, when do i have to teach, when he will have his playing time.. etc.

but what is difficult is teaching him how to follow a schedule, but it seems that me, my self, yes, the mother, has temptation to keep on flexible..


~ challenge

to be an Organized Mom!



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