Watching old movie

I woke up at 1.45am and prepared my self for sahur time. Luckily, I finished everything at about 2.30am. Since I think I got plenty of time, I looked at the dvd collection and took ‘it’s complicated’ -one of my favourite movies. Yes, I love thriller and horror movies, but I love drama too ^.^v.

as I watched the movie (I forgot when I watched it), I got (once more) carried away, I guess I reallly enjoyed it.

..about the movie..

I like the part when jake stated the fact that when they’re younger, they were not a good couple, the husband was busy chasing his career, the wife was often exhausted because of her work and kids..

one.. well, it means ‘the fact’ happens everywhere.. not only here around..
two.. the words came out from the man.. yeah, it’s soooo ‘man’.. hahaha..

I also love the relationship between Jane, the mom, and the kiddos… Hmm most probably I could imagine fifteen years from now when Tristan is gonna be graduated from the university, gonna live on his own, ouch…

I love the idea of Jane’s house, the big kitchen and huge bed room…

I love the ending…

..about watching the movie..

when I watch it for the.. th time.. I felt comfort.. I could remember some parts of the movie.. but I also forgot some other parts (like the ending… -.-” )

I smile and shed tears like I watched it for the first time..

hmm, could it be the same as what children feel when they watch a movie over and over again?


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