I don’ t like the idea of running
Just by thinking of it makes me tired

Cos I know

If I walk, time runs
If I run, time flies

And I cannot fly
So I just go with the flow
And do my best avoiding Running

Until March 2012

I wanted to join the ds intl conference in Valencia

since I wasn’t so confidence with my paper
And I wasn’t so sure about the funding
And I wasn’t so understand about all the documents

I didn’t think I would ever go

But mi amore said Go
My mom said Go
My litl Explorer said Go
And my best friend said Let us go!

And so I decided to go although I had a very limited time to prepare everything

1 revised my paper

2 asked the university permission running from the department to the faculty to the university

3 made a passport in 3 days

4 run to Jakarta to apply for visa
It was 9hrs train

5 run to get the ticket

6 run to airport

7 run from one gate to the other in amsterdam

8 run to catch the train to Valencia

So here I am
Been running for the whole two weeks
For a dream

And will have the following days to more ‘running’
From valencia to Barcelona
From barcelona to Madrid

So now, guess what..

I love running!

Let’s run with me


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