Thank God I haven’t forget my own blog [*cynical to myself*]

It’s been 12 days in 2012… And I haven’t make up my mind of any resolution this year… In my dictionary, resolution means decision or plan, but, it could also be a solution to any problem.. I think I’ve got nothing new for this year since I didn’t get any of my plan done perfectly last year.. So, why bother?

However, somehow, these 12 days I’ve learnt my lessons…

That I know I love being all by myself, but still it is joyful to spend time with others..

That I know I try to be able to do things all by myself, but still it is lovely to ask for somebody’s help and make them proud…

That I know I’m strong to do all the things I want to do, but still I gotta take care of myself and understand that I am only a human with lots of limitation…

That it is ok to say that I need anything to anyone..

That it is really ok to say I’m jealous to anybody’s luck but I’m happy with own life…


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