Kids should know

recently I enrolled my litl boy to a daycare.. and for the first time, I met many moms, as a mom.. (not as preschool teacher or “preschoolers expert” like usual)

many moms proudly brag and show others what their kids are able to do.. -in my neighbourhood especially ‘Reading’- (since the first question is always: “can ur kid read?” Ouch!)

well, mine is 4y.o, cannot read yet -but he always shows his interest in knowing words from signs, books that I read to him, or ads.. most of the time I think it is enough.. but yes, sometimes it bothers me a bit (not that much until I force him to read ^^ thank God)

no, it’s not reading, I would say, in my humble opinion..

what a kid should know

first of all, a kid should know that he is loved -unconditionally.. that he is so special -mom and dad would love to give ’em big hugs for whatever reasons -good or bad.. that he is the top priority in parent’s list..

second, a kid should know how to communicate his interest or opinion to other person..

third, a kid should know how to be safe and keep safe in different kind of places or situations..

fourth, a kid should know that it is greatly ok to be himself in exploring his world, it is ok to try out things, it is ok to make mistake, it is ok to act funny or goofy or silly, -that he is not any mom’s trophy..

five, a kid should know how to be happy, learning that life is so wonderful, finding what his interest is, enjoying various activities..

yang anak harus tahu

satu… seorang anak harus tahu bahwa dia dicintai tanpa syarat… bukan karena nilainya seratus.. bukan karena dia pendiam dan penurut.. dia harus yakin kalau dia dicintai tanpa syarat… dia adalah nomor satu di hidupnya orang tua! 💐

dua… seorang anak harus tahu bagaimana menyatakan pendapatnya ke orang lain, meski ke orang tua sendiri… dia harus tahu bahwa pendapatnya didengar…jadi dia boleh punya pendapat..

tiga… seorang anak harus tau apa itu “aman” dan bagaimana dia tetap dalam kondisi “aman” dalam segala situasi…

empat… seorang anak harus tahu bahwa dia punya hak menjelajah dunia… mencoba segala hal yang dia inginkan, ngga apa lo berbuat salah, lucu, konyol… bahwa dia ngga sempurna menurut orang lain dan ngga harus jadi sempurna… dia bukan “piala”nya mama kan?

lima… seorang anak harus tahu bahwa dia harus bahagia… dunia itu adalah tempat belajar yang menyenangkan jadi dia boleh mencoba belajar dengan caranya sendiri…




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