Perfect Wife

what is perfect wife?
is there any perfect wife?
is it a myth?
is it a dream come true?
can a woman be a perfect wife, an excellent mom, and a great career woman?

i’m feeling a bit blue because i wonder:

do i learn too much to be an excellent mom until i FORGET to learn to be a good wife?

or is it because i think

if i am an excellent mom that would make me directly to be a perfect wife?

and i love working outside the house, i think it’s good for myself to force myself to keep up life, and keep on learning…

ok, think this one is gonna be to be continued ^^


One thought on “Perfect Wife

  1. From time to time, we all feel like we’re not at the peak of the high standards we hold ourselves to. Sometimes it’s best to realize that “perfect” is a standard that no person can meet no matter how hard we try, and just keep in mind that we’re doing the best to our ability to reach the status of best mom, wife, and woman we can be.

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