Tristan: Separation Anxiety

so this is it

i know as a mom, i will have this moment soon or later, leaving tristan in a daycare.. tristan is four years old at the moment, of course he has been going to school and of course for sure he had his time being separated from his mom several times.. what makes it different this time?

well, this time is so different since it is a day care, where tristan is not the only child, so there are plenty others, with the same age as he does..

is it scary? hmm if i were tristan, i think so, the children are by his age, and i assume that they do not communicate as well as Tristan does (yes, since he was 2-month-old Tristan got used to live with adults, and play with the teenagers).. Tristan told me so.. he is afraid that the other children wouldn’t understand him and would bully him…

Most Important Tips for mom >>
1. Stay calm and smile.. 🙂
lucky me, i know that Tristan is independent, i know that he can take care well of himself, so this fact make me strong…

2. We’re together
“like the way you like playing, i like working, like when you play you do need me but you know i don’t have to be beside you, so when i’m working, i need you, but i know you better be with your friends”
lucky me, Tristan can communicate well and can use his logic ability to understand the big picture..

does it mean he doesn’t cry? NO, he did cry

3. The crying game
of course he would cry, he wondered why he couldn’t be with me.. it is a process.. he’ll get thru..

this too shall pass, my dearest…


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