Woman and Cooking

yes, i am a “cooking” mama 🙂

Does a Woman MUST be able to Cook?

Me: not just women, men too ^^

is it women’s role?

if “women cook because historically it has been their role” why most Chef all around the world are men? *grin

I’ve got girl-friends who cook better than me, but I’ve also got girl-friends who cannot cook at all..

and I think it does not really matter…

Do you think women who know how to cook have a better advantage over women who don’t when it comes to men?

Me: NO, I don’t think so…

so.. why do you cook?

hmm, well my mom said I HAVE TO since I was a little girl, hahaha,

but for SURVIVAL, not for LOVE…


and I did… I earned (quite a lot of) money by cooking, in Indonesia, in the Netherland, and in Australia

anyway, my hubby and litl boy are also such fans, so, I’d say why not?

of course, we’ve heard Indonesian sayings that “the way to a mans heart is through his stomach“, but it is NOT the main point.. yes, my hubby loves it so much when i dress up and cook, and i love it when he eats all the meal, but we can also go to our favorite restaurant and enjoy a very lovely mealtime..

however, working and taking care of my litl energizer requires lots of energy, and my hubby knows that, so most of the time he would say:

 Noooo, it is not necessary to cook our dinner, hunny, let’s just eating out


I think, it is NOT a must for a woman to be able to cook, for me, it is just a must-have ability to be able to survive 🙂

pssst, knowing how to cook well is NOT a guarantee that will ‘keep’ a man.. it is LOVE!

by the way, Cooking is Easy! you just have the WILLINGNESS to do so, and be CREATIVE enough to mix and match things…


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