Dilema ibu bekerja

I am a working mom.

I used to bring him to my office, but then people were sooooo mean to us, they texted me  to leave my son at home, most of them “suggest” that I have to go to the office without him because he might interrupt the lectures etc, but nobody told me directly to my face that I was unprofessional…

well, actually I had tried to go without him…

and it hurts a lot, to leave home in the morning, leaving my baby stan sleeping tight, and going home late and he’s already asleep.. then knowing that I’ll already have gone to work when he’s awake tomorrow morning.. Oh God, I just miss him like crazy all through the day..

Hope someday he’d know that today his mom still remembers her way home ^^, and washed his clothes at night and prepared what he needs during the day..

Urrrgh, I really gotta take the chance of bringing him to the office with me again *mommy’s ultimate goal… I can do my job perfectly with him beside me, if i ever do mistake then he is not my excuse..

I’m a proud working mom… I won’t give a d*mn to whatever people gonna say… my son is number one priority… I’ll bring him along!

i’m so ready to face all those mean people..



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