The Lost Camera

I lost a camera hiks…

Friday.. I gotta go to the campus, so I left my camera at the school

Saturday.. I didn’t go to the school

Monday.. I didn’t go to the school, Deta n Veve said they saw the camera on the desk

Wednesday.. I came to the school, I didn’t see any camera, I thought somebody must have kept the camera for me

Friday.. Nobody knows where my camera is 😦

Yes, I’m sad because of the camera, but loosing it at the school is what most annoying me..

It’s a preschool for God sake!

D***! It should be honesty there.. It should be the safest place in the whole planet..

But I’m truly sad for the memory..

I got Pipiya’s pics the last time I saw her, at the airport, saying goodbye when I went to Sydney.. sometimes whenever I miss her, I look at the picture and it could bring me back to the airport and make me feel her kisses on my lips.. 😦

Khalila’s farewell party pictures were also there.. Aarrrgggghhh

Oh God, why? I wonder why me..


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