Scholarship Wanted


Yes, I wanna study abroad..

I always love to have the opportunity of studying abroad because I think I’m such a good student when I’m abroad :p yes it’s true..

I love the access, I love the library, I love the labs.. But it was years ago.. Will I still be a good student if I study now? That’s my big question :p but how on earth I will know the answer if I don’t dare to jump on..

So, I’ve sent the apps for fullbright..

But I will still try for aussie or nz or back to netherlands..

I plan to be with tristan while doing my phd, i need to.. i have to.. but can I? can I do single mum and phd at the same time? am I strong enough? will it be ok? will he be ok with that? should I wait until he’s bigger.. wouldn’t it be hard to live in states only for the two of us?

hiyaaaaaaaaaa too much thinking



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