today, I got 2problems because of misCommunication.. 😦 with hb teacher and my hubby…

with hb teacher.. me: so the menu is noodle? ok, I’ll help with the noodle, I’ll cook! T: hmm, what about nugget satay? me: nice additional menu, mam! T: so the menu is satay + noodle » she didn’t prepare anything! she thought I will prepare them both.. I thought I cook the noodle, she prepare the satay.. 😦

with hubby.. him: I’m gonna stay at the office.. why? I got lotsa things to do.. me: well, I could stay in sby then, poor tristan if we stay at home he’ll wait for u in despair.. I need to go to see the doctor for my problem with my face » few hours later » him: I got to attend a meeting at the hotel (later I know that it means I will go home, I will need a nice dress, I miss u, hooray I’m going home) me replied: Чα”̮ .. Then he’s going home, and I’m not..


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