yes, I use  finally.. eventually..

before, I thought  wasn’t “mypersonality”.. it’s a fad, expensive, and just not “me”.. my ‘made-in-china’ mobile is already sophisticated for me at that time, many apps, 2simcards (cdma-gsm), tv, radio, and camera -of course.. and most of all, my Bby bought it for me..

then, again, my Bby bought  for me at the end of last year, I thought, well, ok.. gotta explore it.. I use axis (79,000/month) I got the business package.. It include email, social network, and browsing.. nice! super nice! I could cut off my budget for my mobiles and I can 24hours connected to the internet.. the good thing is I can get all apps work at the same time (while I couldn’t do that with my old one)..

well, then, now I know that  is not just for status (of being trendy).. it’s a technology.. ☺hë•⌣•hë•⌣•hë•⌣•hë☺


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